Worked to Death

Worked to Death comic cover

Worked to Death
(Writer) Greg Carter (Artists) Gina Biggs, Emily Brady
Inspired by songs of the working man, writer Greg Carter presents two tales of giving it your all. Emily Brady provides the art for “Cowboy”, showing that cattle drives of the 1800’s were not so different 2,000 years ago. “Uniform”, with art by Gina Biggs, is the story of a soldier taking care of business by doing what he loves.
20 pages | COLOR | $3.99

Visit the creator’s websites:
Greg Carter – Love is in the Blood, Perfect Agent
Gina Biggs – Red String
Emily Brady – Footloose

Order a copy from IndyPlanet! Or save shipping and have your local comic shop order a copy from Haven Distributors. Give them the code WORDUPD001.

And find out more about the full WORK! anthology HERE.

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