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Agreement On Care

This is a controversial issue. Families often think that unpaid care comes with the daughter or son`s territory. It makes sense when we talk about a few hours here and there, let`s say bills and shopping are running errands. A stressful conversation for each family is what happens to money when a parent gets sick, and who will serve as the primary caretaker. One method of discussing difficult topics is to hold a family reunion. The team of monitors meets in a comfortable place, seated at a table and able to accommodate the documents discussed. (Using technologies such as Skype can help involve family members who live far away.) A well-organized meeting can provide family members with common support and a better understanding of the decisions to be made. Amendment/Re termination Clause A clause allowing changes to the care contract to be amended if both parties agree to the changes should be introduced. If the agreement is long-term, it is strongly recommended that the agreement be reviewed and amended each year.

A clause allowing the termination of the contract is also recommended. Example #2John Sr has Parkinson`s disease and lives with his adult son John Jr. Her son`s wife, Alice, is a stay-at-home mother who cares for the couple`s three-year-old child. John Sr has $80,000 in old age savings and only $733/month in social security income. He needs help with washing, bathing, transportation, meals and medication management, about 20 hours a week. Because Parkinson`s disease is a progressive disease, the family knows that John Sr will need home care. But his $80,000 savings make him ineligible for Medicaid`s medical care at home, since the inheritance limit is only $2,000. All tasks and duties expected of the caregiver must be included in the personal care contract. For example, the caregiver could be expected to prepare a light house cleaning, laundry, meals, food purchases, daily activities assistance, and transportation services to medical appointments and social activities. In addition, it is important to indicate where services are provided, such as the nursing home or care home.

By applying a life care contract, an elderly parent can reduce their income or wealth, be cared for by a family member, and help themselves qualify for a Medicaid-funded care home. At the same time, they can keep their financial resources within the confines of their families. To understand how this works, some background information about Medicaid is needed. Health care contracts, also known as independent care agreements, are written agreements that set care rules for the elderly for a fee. There are two types of health care contracts: personal care contracts and institutional care agreements.

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