Paving Agreement

Finding a detailed agreement with the contractor you hire is to your advantage. The more details your contract contains, the more you will be informed of what awaits you. The contractor must submit a written contract within a fortnight of the conclusion of the contract. In this way, you can verify that the content of the contract corresponds to the offer that was made to you. The treaty must be presented in such a way that you maintain it. The contract must contain your name and address, the date the contract was signed and all other mandatory information that the merchant must provide before a contract is concluded. The Consumer Protection Office recommends that you always ask for a written contract with the contractor you have hired. A written contract will make it more likely that the results will match what you expected. It will also make it easier to exercise your rights if the work is not done properly or is not completed. This process is not intended for major projects. Project amounts should not be exceeded, as shown in the retainer contracts listed below. Project amounts that exceed the ceiling require a formal request for proposals (RFP). If you are considering selecting a contractor by phone or online, you know that the law requires that a remote contract must be submitted in writing.

For search: Tap Control-F (CTRL F) or Command-F (CMD F) on a Mac to view the search field and find the text. Website error: let us know if you find a faulty link/error on this site. Send us an e-mail. Thank you! A contract with a homeless merchant can be terminated within 10 days. For more information on revocation of this type of contract, please visit the retraction page of a personal contract. IMPORTANT CONTRACTORS REQUIREMENTS: Contractors should not ask the government for work. Contractors should wait to be contacted by an agency or department that needs services. To ensure that the work is completed on time, ask that the following remark be added to the contract: “The work will be completed before or on (date); otherwise, the contractor reimburses the down payment paid by the customer. To view a contract, click on the contract number.

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