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Agreement To Loan Artwork

You also want the latest valuation values and status reports in the credit agreement. This ensures that you will be compensated in case of damage or theft. If you have display requirements, make sure they are also ink tinted. Loan insurance, usually provided by the museum, is also described in the loan agreement. Save this agreement with all evaluation documents and status reports as well as your pieces in your artwork archive account so that they are not lost. It is your responsibility and prerogative to outline specific wishes and requirements in the credit agreement. For example, if you want your name to appear with the room or where you want to see it at the museum. While contracts can be laborious, you work in compiling your credit agreement with a lot of attention to detail. We advise you to start with a list of wishes and fears, and then contact your insurance agent or estate planning lawyer to confirm that they are all addressed in the credit agreement, as well as the points covered in this article. 2 Yes No Describe the working condition and indicate any defects: Do you want to carry your own insurance? (Please respect the conditions printed on the back.) Yes No You will deliver: an 8×10 photo in black and white a 4×5 color transparency If you do not own an exclusive copyright, identify the current owner: Photo credit: lender Special instructions: I have read and concede the terms and conditions of the works of art that are attached to the back and I confirm that I am the owner or representative of the owner, who has the right to approve it. I understand that, with the signing of this agreement, I agree to be bound by all the provisions set out therein.

Signature of the lender: Name and title for the lender: Date: Signature of the borrower for the institution: Name and title by institution: Date: Please sign, date and return the completed loan agreement to the institution. AGREEMENT RELATING TO THE WITHHOLDING OF LAWYERS/CLIENT QUOTAS This DOCUMENT, THIS AGREEMENT OR THE WITHHOLDING AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”) is the written fee contract required by California law 5 The party that takes the steps to transport the artwork to or from the exhibition shall provide adequate insurance coverage as set forth in these Rules. 3. If the lender decides to maintain its own insurance, the lender`s insurance shall take precedence. The lender undertakes to ask in writing its insurer to waive the transfer of the claim to the institution before issuance. If the lender does not request a waiver of the transfer of the claim, the contract constitutes a waiver for the establishment of any liability related to the loan. 4. The work shall remain the property of the institution in the exhibition for which it was loaned during the period provided for in this Agreement, but it may be withdrawn from the exhibition at any time by the institution.

The work shall only be returned to the lender at the address specified in this Agreement, unless the institution is notified in writing. If the legal ownership of the loan changes during the term of the loan, the new owner may be asked, prior to its return, to justify a reference to obtaining the loan by proof satisfactory to the institution. . . .

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