Bc Hydro Moveup Collective Agreement

Salvation Army Thrift Store (London, ON) – Members of the Salvation Army London Thrift Store recently ratified their new collective agreement, which provides for an impressive number of contractual winnings. With the reopening, SEIU Local 2 got to work and negotiated a new three-year collective agreement with Kawartha Downs, which, unsurprisingly, was ratified unanimously. Full Goods had most of its fleet under contract, which was sad. Unfortunately, we lost the complaint, but we managed to recover part of the fleet in collective bargaining. Bee-Clean (Hamilton City Centre, ON) – Cleaners at this mall decided to unionize in 2018. The negotiation of a first collective agreement offered a large number of rights and new rights that had never been used before. Ottawa is set to negotiate its third city-wide collective agreement with 22 employers in the coming weeks! The SEIU Local 2 Leadership Academy helps us build and develop the strength, analysis and collective skills we need to integrate more deeply into a broad progressive movement to tackle economic and social inequality. Workshops address themes such as the history of social movement, power and social change, as well as practical leadership and activist skills. Commercial Cleaning Services (Fairview Mall, St.

Catharines, ON) – Members of this J4J bargaining unit recently ratified their new three-year collective agreement. The money increases and the health and dental plan bring them to the front of Niagara`s non-unionized janitor cleaners. This is due to the fact that Site C, announced in 2010 by bc`s former Liberal government, is not covered by a framework agreement with the Council. The work is covered by a number of separate contracts and it is an open site without a global employment contract. Members employed in property, security and Start Gate services on Canada`s largest circuit have recently ratified new 3-year collective agreements. The first round of negotiations, which has concluded, took place at the Okanagan Spring Brewery in Vernon, BC. They agreed to a four-year contract. Next, Mission Hill Winery and Mission Hill Boutique in Kelowna West, BEFORE CHRIST. They have a separate collective agreement, but both certifications have been awarded a five-year contract. We recently completed Brewers Distributors LTD Full Goods and Brewers Distributors LTD Bottle Sort in Port Coquitlam, BC.

Both contracts were three-year contracts. Doral Holdings (Welland, ON) – After some often difficult negotiations, our members, who work as cleaning/maintenance agents at Seaway Mall, have ratified their new 3-year collective agreement. In the past, BC Hydro has generally collaborated with the Allied Hydro Council, an umbrella organization of unions. The first AHC collective agreement was signed in 1961 under the leadership of Prime Minister W.A.C Bennett, with a simple premise: BC Hydro would provide work and the union council would provide skilled labor and not guarantee strikes. The agreement updated in 2013 also ensures that work on the projects goes to union members. With this agreement, it is an expanded recognition clause that now includes casual workers in the bargaining unit (strengthening the strength of bargaining), many improved and negotiated improvements for all three bargaining units, strong protection that limits the use of video surveillance in the workplace. . . .

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