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California Nurses Association Collective Bargaining Agreements Kaiser

At a series of membership meetings held in northern and central California, Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners voted overwhelmingly in favor of ratifying a new five-year collective agreement, which they say will improve staff protection in patient care and provide existing RN health and pension insurance. Although Le asserted a right, CNA raised the question of whether Le had suffered sufficient damage to assert some or all of their claims. See Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.P. 555, 560, 112 p.Ct. 2130 (1992). In particular, some or all of Le`s claims are based on the assertion that it will not be able to promote or seek other better-paid positions unless CNA allows it to designate other charities and, in addition, CNA refuses to appoint other charities. However, it is not clear that any employment or promotion to which it aspires or aims is subject to a collective agreement with CNA which would limit it to the contributions it opposes. After oral proceedings, Le made a statement on the issue of the declaration of civil status. If the CNA considers that the statement is insufficient, it may testify, which is limited to the issue of the allegation of appeal, and file another motion to dismiss some or all of its claims for lack of allegation. “Additional RN staff to ensure the transition was a very important priority for our bargaining team and is part of our overall efforts to strengthen the safety of our patients,” said Emperor Roseville RN Dolores Trujillo. Burger said nurses will vote on the deal by about mid-April.

“There was never any doubt that we would remain united against a wage proposal that would have encouraged job sharing between current nurses and new RN graduates and undermined future nursing recruitment efforts at a time when our RN workforce is aging,” said the RN Emperor and the NAC Co-Chair, Deborah Burger. “This new contract includes the new Patient Care Coordinators who now have the job protection and advocacy tools resulting from participation in CNA,” said Zenei Cortez, Kaiser South San Francisco RN, NAC Co-Chair and Chair of the Nurses` Bargaining Team. “This will allow all Kaiser nurses to better engage with our patients from onboard to discharge, resulting in improved care and safer outcomes.” The stopped paying CNA union dues when it learned that CNA supported political positions with which it disagreed for religious reasons. . . .

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