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Colorado Law On Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage contracts are not just for celebrities. Prenups or pre-marital agreements, as Colorado law calls it, are often used by Colorado couples to negotiate before marriage the rights to money, income, wealth and property, as well as debt liability in the event of separation, divorce, death or another chosen event. There are many reasons why two people getting married might conceive of a prenup. On the one hand, they may have assets such as a large family trust of which they are beneficiaries and, therefore, they may be required to protect that asset and not compromise the value of the trust. Other beneficiaries, such as siblings, could ask them to enter into a marriage contract, so that the trust would not be considered marital property if the marriage were to end. If you and your spouse are considering creating a marriage contract and discussing your legal possibilities, the family law lawyers at Robinson & Henry, P.C. are here to help. Our lawyers understand that entering into marriage contracts is a sensitive matter and are committed to making agreements that give their clients a sense of safety and security. To arrange a consultation, call us at 303-688-0944. While it`s not the most romantic concept in the world, a couple considering a wedding in Colorado can enter into a marriage contract or a contract before the wedding. These agreements, while not customary, are usually signed when a party has or expects substantial separate property or income.

They deal with property and financial issues during dissolution or separation of the body, but when the marriage is annulled, it is usually not imposed, unless it is necessary to avoid injustice. S.C.R. 14-2-308. The uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act (UDMA) provides that “matrimonial property” means all property acquired by one of the spouses after marriage, with the exception of . Property excluded by a valid agreement of the parties. == 14-10-113(2) (d) (highlighted here only). Since this provision does not expressly require that such an agreement be in writing, a spouse attempted, in a case dating from 2019, to assert that an oral agreement to define marital property as separate property was binding. If a couple gets married and then decides to devise a bellicose wealth-sharing agreement, the marriage should end, they enter into a post-marital contract.

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