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Good news for people who like BIA

Keath here looking to start up BIA strips again.  I’ve been working on introducing a new look and a better updating schedule.  The boat is at the dock and leaving for Bear Island soon.

Blue Run

Bear Island strips will be posted starting in February. Until then enjoy Blue Run-the colorful story of a new cop in a small town. (He’s the cat on the right.)

Swearing in

I was there when my brother Ken was sworn in as a police officer.  This is exactly what happened-including the pictures afterwards.

Law Inforcement

Already mentioned that my brother Ken is a cop.  Our hero is named after a friend since grade school who is now an FBI agent in GA.  The name’s mispelling is intentional-and kinda funny, I think.

Cat Fancies

Ever see a cat deep in thought-I tried to capture that blank look here.  Next week, we’ll see what Pawl’s remembering about the Big City on his drive home.


The red strips show Pawl’s troubled past in the Big City.  I know Lost features a similar storytelling device-although its my favorite show, I wrote Blue Run before Lost even started airing.  The flashbacks in Blue Run were inspired by the TV show “Jack and Bobby” created by comics writer Brad Meltzer.

Posting vs. Printing

A little more action in today’s strip.  When Blue Run is printed-there will be four strips per page.  Yesterday’s strip (an empty room) will be at the top of page two-used to establish the new setting.

Comic Obvious

Wonder what could be in those bags with the big dollar signs on them?

Who can it be now?

Back to the present with Pawl in a blue strip today.


Today’s reveal explains the wanted poster and sudden departure from last week.  Also funny because Pawl never talks and now barely smiles.