Bobby- Wants more than anything to be a Man.
Likes to read books and play with trucks.

Father- Works as a carpenter on island homes.
Tries to help people and makes toys for Bobby.

Mother- Bakes very good cakes.
Makes sure Bobby goes to bed on time.

Mister Bear- Lives in a cabin in the woods.
Enjoys fishing and playing the piano.

The Bully Brothers- Red and Harry are always causing trouble.
Like stealing candy and playing pranks.

The Fire Chief- Used to wash the pumper truck.
Trying to find cause of mysterious housefires.

The Grocer- Carries a variety of goods in his grocery.
Hates theiving little shoplifters.

The Cleaner- Sells his services cleaning floors with his fancy machine.
Likes to play cards in his free time.

The Librarian- Offers suggestions on which books are most helpful.
Enjoys going on picnics.

The Rev’rend- Gives a rousing sermon every Sunday.
Knows what it takes to be a Man.

The Boatman- Delivers all goods to the island in his boat.
Hates getting wet.


How did the idea for Bear Island Adventure begin?
Years ago, I drew a series of short comics about a bear trying to fish with a pole (I thought it was a funny concept). I fleshed out the story into a novel I outlined, but found it easier and more fun to draw out that story in comic form.

 What are the major influences behind the comic?
The theme and plot structure owe a lot to Robert McCammon’s “Boy’s Life” and Jeff Smith’s “BoNe”. The setting is based on several camping trips I took to the Manitou Islands in Michigan. And Bobby is my real life nephew.

Why are the drawings so plain and minimalist?
The short answer is-I can’t draw very well. The serious answer is that when I was a kid I liked Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Yogi Bear, Magilla Gorilla and Quick Draw McGraw. I’ve always modeled my drawing style after these classics.

How long is this comic planned to go on?
“Mystery” on Bear Island has already been fully plotted at 180 strips. I have two sequels planned: “Romance” starring Bobby’s sister Danni and “Comedy” with Bobby’s brother Charlie. Their youngest brother Ray will have a story, too.

Who is setting all the housefires on the island?
Be patient and continue reading the comic. But keep in mind that the identity of the fire bug is only part of the “Mystery”. I’m certain you can think of some other questions about the story you can’t wait to have answered.