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April 22nd, 2007

Chapter III

Early the next morning, Thor awoke to hear Hymir grumbling because there was no food left for breakfast. Thor sprang up and reminded Hymir that they were to go fishing together that day.

Hymir was feeling ale-sick and wanted to get away from this annoying youth. He tightened his coat. “It’s bitterly cold out there, Voerr. Are you sure you want to go? You may be able to eat and drink like a giant, but you won’t be able to row like one. A young fellow like you could catch cold sitting out to sea as long as I usually do.”

Thor assured him that he had no fear of the cold and that he didn’t think he would be the first to want to return. “I know you have fishing gear on your boat, but what shall I use for bait?”

Hymir was getting increasingly angry and replied that Thor could find plenty of worms in the field where the cattle had slept. They walked outside and Hymir pointed out the field where the cattle slept.

“Just look for the steaming dark spots in the snow. The cows always mark where to dig for baitworms. But be sure to watch for my bull, HeavensRiot. I’ll be preparing the boat and won’t be near to help if he decides to have you for breakfast.”

Thor knew that the bull, HeavensRiot, was also called the Walker of the Waste. He was a huge black beast, with a heart of ice and fiery eyes. The local Eskimaux tribe, who believed that he herded glaciers to the sea, worshiped him.

Thor climbed among the cliffs and found the giant’s cattle grazing. Walking directly to HeavensRiot, he stared into the fiery eyes, swung his hammer Mjollnir and knocked off the bull’s massive head. Leaving the body cooling in the snow, he carried the immense head back to use as his bait.

Thor found Hymir pushing the boat off the shore. When Hymir saw that Thor was carrying the head of HeavensRiot, he quickly shoved off, leaving Thor on the beach.

“No, good giant,” Thor laughed. “You invited me to go fishing, so fishing we shall go. I have my bait and would match my luck against yours.” Thor balanced his grisly trophy across his back, seizing a horn in each hand and leapt onto the boat.

Dropping the head onto the deck, Thor sat at the stern and took up his oar. Hymir seated himself at the prow and they started rowing in silence. In his head, Hymir was raging at the arrogance of his unwanted guest.

The fog closed in to hide the dawning sun as they traveled across the bay and out into the ocean.

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