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April 8th, 2021

Aws Platform Agreement

45.6. AWS can develop for you, as part of the professional services AWS (e.g.B. Documents and software, “Developed Content” (in source code or object code), example of code or script (“software”) for you, which are either made up of (a) documents and diagrams (“documents”) or (b) software (in source code or object), example code or scripts (software). AWS is not prevented from developing, using or selling similar products or services or related to developed content, subject to no application between you and AWS. All developed content made available to you by AWS as part of a SOW, as part of a DEV system, will be licensed: 26.8. Microsoft`s Byol license. This option allows you to use Amazon WorkSpaces to provide workspaces using your Microsoft software and Microsoft licenses (the “WorkSpaces BYOL” program). You must have the right to use the WorkSpaces BYOL program for Microsoft software corresponding to your (s) agreement (s) with Microsoft. You are solely responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and complying with all Microsoft licensing requirements, including user rights/product conditions. In addition, you must have accepted Microsoft`s End User Licensing Agreement (Microsoft EULA), and by using Microsoft Software as part of the WorkSpaces BYOL program, you agree with Microsoft EULA. You agree to have found that your use of BYOL workspaces complies with Microsoft licensing requirements.

The use of the Services in violation of your agreement with Microsoft is not authorized or authorized. 8.1 Commitments. A recipient party (the “recipient”) retains the confidentiality of all confidential information provided by the party (the “Discloser”) and may not use this confidential information, except as is permitted for the fulfillment of its rights and obligations under this CAU or in this regulation. The recipient may not disclose confidential information to third parties without the Discloser`s prior written consent, except for related companies, directors, senior executives, employees, agents, suppliers and contractors who have entered into a written agreement with the recipient, which does not protect the discloser`s confidential information less than this LAA and must be aware of that information. The recipient assumes responsibility for the use of confidential information by these individuals. The recipient will take the same steps to protect the confidential information of the discloser that he uses to protect his own confidential information, but in no way less than the appropriate measures.

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