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April 8th, 2021

Connecticut Medicaid Provider Enrollment Agreement

Starting October 13, 2016, the Connecticut Medicaid program will begin requiring criminal background fingerprint checks (FCBC) for all providers, nCred is a national leader in supplier registration services, providing state-of-the-art technologies and experienced staff for its domestic clientele. Access to our proprietary web portal, with tracking mechanisms and total transparency of the operation, is an important part of our importance compared to all competitors. Contact nCred today to discuss your registration information and discuss how our services can help your business. Call (423) 443-4525 or complete our information form to contact a representative. “high risk” categorically. New screening measures will be required for new registrations and re-registrations (re-validation) for suppliers and owners with a 5% or more interest in the supplier/supplier. High-risk providers may not have to turn to a fingerprint-based background examination if all the following conditions are met: For any questions, you can contact Marcia Benson at (860) 424-5618 or Cynthia Bastiany at (860) 424-4843 from DSS Provider. Enter your location in the field below and we`ll find the best way to do it. All comments are related to the object. If it is decided that a comment is not appropriate, it is removed from the site.

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