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September 27th, 2021

Microsoft Azure Support Agreement

Microsoft offers customers the ability to run non-Microsoft technologies on the Microsoft Azure platform, including but not limited to Linux, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. For all scenarios eligible for support through an Azure support plan, Microsoft Support helps isolate the issue between the Microsoft Azure service and your custom application. If you need faster reaction times, consulting services, and high-severity escalation management from a collaborative account management team, select Professional Direct Support. Managed service providers use an extended help desk to augment cloud business from the economy. g. Managed services for Microsoft Azure. You may use Microsoft Azure services to provide a managed service solution, provided that you have the unique ability to access, configure, and manage Microsoft Azure services, (2) You have access to the virtual OSE(s) if available in the managed service solution, and (3) the third party only has access to its application(s) or virtual OSE(s). You are responsible for the use of Microsoft Azure services by third parties in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The provision of management services remains subject to the following restrictions (and all other restrictions in the Online Terms of Service): “existing work”, any computer code or written material not based on codes that has been developed or obtained by or for the parties or their associated companies, regardless of this agreement and the customer`s volume license agreement. You must ensure that your Premier contract appears in the “Support Plan” drop-down menu when you create a support case.

This is possible with the following options: Cross-check accounts: If you sign in to the Azure portal with the same Microsoft account user/email address (z.B. outlook.com, live.com Hotmail.com) used to access the Microsoft Premier Online portal (premier.microsoft.com), your Premier contract will automatically appear in the Azure portal. You still have access to default support for 12 months after your next birthday. For more information on the benefits of standard support, click here. “Managed Service Solution” means a managed IT service that you make available to a third party and that consists of the management and support of Microsoft Azure services. J. Survival. The terms set forth in Sections 1, 2.c., 2.e., 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 shall apply even after the termination or expiration of this Agreement. e. Responsibility for your accounts. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any non-public authentication notification information related to your use of the Online Services. You must immediately notify our customer support team of any misuse of your accounts or authentication data or security incidents related to online services.

If you have questions about changing or terminating your support plan, create a new support request.

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