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October 4th, 2021

Respironics Settlement Agreement

Wednesday`s comparison with the Royal Philips NV unit resolves whistleblower claims initially made by Dr. Gibran Ameer, a South Carolina pharmacist who worked for medical equipment suppliers who bought the masks. The terms of the agreement were published four months ago in ResMed`s profit and loss account for Q4FY19, David Pendarvis, ResMed`s Chief Administrative Officer and Global General Counsel, said in the statement. LINK: DOJ Brags About $2.6 Billion in Healthcare Fraud Comparisons, Judgments in 2019 In a statement Wednesday, ResMed executives said the company denies breaking the law and decided to make a civil transaction “in the best interests of patients, ResMed shareholders, customers and employees.” Phillips & Cohen is the most successful law firm in the country representing whistleblowers. The company`s business has helped the federal, state and local governments recover more than $12.3 billion in civil comparisons and fines. Under the terms of the settlement agreement, ResMed will pay US$37.46 million to the federal government and a total of more than US$2 million $US to various states to settle the five whistleblowing cases, including Baker`s, according to Philips & Cohen. As part of the transaction, Respironics entered into a five-year corporate investment agreement. As part of the agreement, Respironics will implement a compliance department that will include the recruitment of a compliance officer, compliance training for boards, management and all employees, as well as the verification of procedures to ensure compliance with federal law. The action is entitled United States et al.

ex rel. Dr. Gibran Ameer v. Philips Electronics North America, et al., Case No. 2:14-cv-2077-PMD (D.S.C.). The claims resolved by the transaction are only assertions and no liability provisions have been made. . . .

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