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October 6th, 2021

Sample Product Testing Agreement

The Sponsor confirms that the content of the products provided by the Sponsor (including all reference products used in the study) is identical to the description of the minutes for the use of blind formulations or identical to the label description for open label formulations when intended for use. It is the sponsor`s responsibility to define the stability and/or other relevant properties of the test item. Necessary or appropriate changes to the minutes during the study may be agreed orally, but such changes must be documented in writing to the sponsor (or by) the sponsor within 72 hours of such change. Changes that result in an increase in tuition fees, as well as any other changes, must be approved in writing by the sponsor prior to implementation. CPTC adheres to strict privacy standards for all services and consultations for the sponsor. CPTC may make available to the Sponsor a default confidentiality agreement if it does not have a document prepared by the Promoter. This Agreement is signed by the competent agent within the Sponsor`s organization and retained by CPTC`s Legal Department. In addition, Sponsor agrees to refrain from using the name, image, logo or other identifying element of Consumer Product Testing Company, Inc. or any of its senior executives, collaborators or representatives in marketing or advertising without our express written consent. We strongly recommend that “priority”, “Rush” and “Stat” requests be made by the sponsor prior to the delivery of the sample, as they are only accepted by the laboratory if the desired submission date can be met based on current laboratory resources and previous commitments. Requests for priority, Rush or Stat must be indicated on the laboratory sample submission form.

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